The Second Edition Of The Puntarena Fishing Classic Concludes Successfully

The second edition of the Puntarena Fishing Classic concluded with the participation of more than a dozen boats from the main nautical clubs of the country, attracted by the diversity of species that abound in the area and the benefits of the destination.

The tournament began with the departure of the boats at 6 am on Saturday 20 towards the high seas and concluded with the award of the participants, where was awarded at first place as Individual Fisherman, José Acebal in the boat "Pilela" for catching a tuna of 82.2 pounds, who was also recognized as the tuna of highest weight.

Relatives, friends and special guests gathered at the Puntarena Beach Club facilities throughout the weekend, who waited for the return of the participants while enjoying a pleasant atmosphere.

The boats arrived on the coast from 3 pm to proceed with the weighing in order to obtain the result of the winners of the tournament. The second place in the individual category, was obtained by Mauricio Bagaert in the "Alteza” boat, followed by Rafael Eduardo Paulino in third place with the " Zatarramar" boat.

In the category of Boats "Pilela" obtained the first place integrated by José Acebal, Oscar Villanueva and Luis Oscar Villananueva. In the second place, "Zatarramar" composed by Rafael Eduardo Paulino, Rafael Paulino, Giovanny Herrera and Radhames Mesa and third place the boat "Alteza" conformed by Eduardo Read, Giancarlo Dipino, Mauricio Bogaert and Esteban Jesus.

On the other hand, in the category of species was rewarded: The Highest Weight Guatapaná, resulting as a winner in the first and third place Mauricio Bogaert, and secondly Oscar Villanueva. The Dorado of Highest Weight was obtained by Eduardo Paulino, continuing with the second place, Radhames Mesa and in third place, Héctor Feliz.

The winners were awarded by Eduardo Read, Director of the Tournament and Partner of Puntarena; Francisco Ferreiro, Director of Puntarena; and Alma Taveras of the organizing company WT Events, with trophies alluding to fish, reels, fishing equipment, beach coolers, cigars, coffee machines, BBQ, gift certificates, among others awards.

On this occasion, the sports activity was carried out with special dedication to the veteran and fisherman friend Rafael Paulino, who received an emotional tribute from the Organizing Committee and his family members.

The event had the support and participation of sponsoring companies, such as: Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, BDI Bank, Read Marine Group with Blackfin boats, Viamar Group with Lincoln vehicles, Club Body Shop, Civil Contractors and Mechanical, EPSA-LABCO, Rizek Constructor, United Gas, Ron Brugal, IEMCA Group, Peña-Izquierdo Insurance Brokers, Petromobile Fuels, Lam Laboratories with Coralat and Laritox Antigripal, Manuel González Cuesta with Tito's Vodka and Ramón Bilbao Wines, Hartemania, Nautimar with boats Boston Whaler, La Cuisine Applicances, Dominican Watchman National, Alarms 24, Canita Beer, Carol Pharmacies, Diana Dalmasy Architecture, JP Chenet Ice, Medvel Freight Svces., Emilio's Sausages, Café Santo Domingo, The Fisherman's House, Anbel Jewelry, Dres. Mallen Laboratories with Ibufar Plus and Zodivan, Mercado Magazine, WT Events, Aboard Magazine, Promed Ambulances, RD Focus with SPOT, Taino Express, McDonald's, Babochka Store, Aperol Spritz, nIce Coolers, Europcar, The Artist with Cimarrón Cigarettes, Bazooka Marine, Focal Distance and Knife Culinary School. The exhibition area was attended by: Patricio Correa, Loti Ideas, Nineteen Seventy, Meluna Collection, among others.

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