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The business groups of the Rizek, Selman, Read and Rainieri families have added their passion for the natural beauty of the area and their recognized experience, to make Puntarena a reliable, safe and long-term project; to create a unique tourist destination in an untapped tourist region.


To become the tourism and real estate project of reference to the Southern region of the Dominican Republic.


A family-oriented environment that seeks to create memories and long-term life experiences, while conceiving a synergy between tourism and the economic development of the area in an ecologically sustainable environment.


  • Integrity
  • Quality development
  • Sustainable value creation
  • Commitment
  • Shared value



An admired pearl for many reasons, but with many treasures to discover. Not only because the Cordillera Central passes to the northwest of the province, which is also known as the Sierra de Ocoa, but because important rivers such as the Nizao, the Ocoa and the Baní bathe and enhance these lands.

The Peravia province has an area of 785.20 km2, bordering to the north with the province of San José de Ocoa, to the east with that of San Cristóbal, to the west with the Province of Azua and to the south with the Caribbean Sea.

Peravia has a population of approximately 200,000 people. Its main economic activity is focused on agriculture, livestock and fishing, however, important energy projects, as well as real estate/tourist resorts will be integrated into the economic activity of the area.


  • Puntarena


  • Bahía de las Calderas

    Bahía de las Calderas

  • Dunas


  • Mina del Sal

    Mina del Sal

  • Centro Cultural Perelló

    Centro Cultural Perelló

  • Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Regla

    Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Regla

  • Santuario San Martín de Porres

    Santuario San Martín de Porres

  • Presa de Valdesia

    Presa de Valdesia


    Region rich in traditions, in which our roots find their maximum representation. Dances, parties, celebrations and fairs that make the south a unique place in our national territory. The Sarandunga dance, for example, with Afro-Dominican music that is danced on the San Juan Bautista´s day, the dance of Palos or the Chuines dance, both with folk instruments. Alongside these dances, the month of November deserves special attention, a designated date on which festivities are held in honor of the virgin of Regla in the municipality of Baní and in honor of the virgin Immaculate Conception in Villa Sombrero.

    But when talking about traditions, especially in this region, we should mention the Mango Fair as one of the most significant exponents of the area that has traditionally been known for its quality mangoes. It is the cradle of the famous mango 'Banilejo' and a great diversity genetics of that fruit and for which you can find a large number of varieties of mango, chili peppers, watermelon, tomatoes, cajuiles, onion and medlar are also found in all their splendor.

    Every food lover is in luck. The mango, the goat, the corn arepas, the local seafood or the sweets such as fig stuffed with milk, the majarete or the coconut milk candy are just a sign of what you can enjoy during your visit to Baní.

    Splendid and captivating, are the flora and fauna of the area. The South has many benefits, but if there is somenthing that characterizes it, it is precisely its ecosystem. In every corner, in all unimaginable forms, that is how the animal world and that plant world manifest.

    The Trinitarian, the guayacan and the olive tree. The mangroves, the cactus, the cayuco, the saona, the baitoa, all of them are names that give signs of identity to the area and that make it something unique, just as it happens when we take a look at its fauna and meet the iguana , pelicans, flamingos, ñola, etc.

    Live within nature and surround yourself in a natural splendor.


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    Santo Domingo,
    Dominican Republic

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