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Puntarena, The Fusion between Architecture and Nature

Unique in every way, the design of the Boutique Hotel and the Puntarena Beach Club, fuses shapes, textures and materials with the landscape of the environment. As a result, a visual impact is achieved where the architecture harmonizes with nature and adapts to its climatic and topographical conditions, giving the illusion of having coexisted in balance forever.

The architects Rafael Selman and Juan Caro embarked on a challenge that allowed them to design an architectural complex that, rather than looking for a predefined style, seeks to adjust and respect the natural environment of the project and the morphology of the land.

This symbiosis can be seen in the different structures that make up the Boutique Puntarena Hotel. The lobby, which houses the noble areas such as bar, restaurant, terrace, infinity pool, gym and spa, are located on a hill over 25 meters above sea level, with spectacular views of the Calderas Bay at east and the peninsula of Barahona at the west.

Together, taking full advantage of the contour lines that descend 25 meters from the lobby to the beach, are the room modules.

These modules, composed of six rooms each (two double rooms, two junior suites and two suites), have as architectural prominence the flat ceilings to maximize the visibility of the environment, as well as sandy walls and wooden ornaments for attenuating the warmth of the zone.

Finally, at the foot of the beach, the Puntarena Beach Club is conceived, a circular structure whose center is a pergolated atrium and that opens to the terraces, bar, restaurant, swimming pools and beach, providing a view of more than 180 degrees towards the sea.

Live within nature and surround yourself in a natural splendor.


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