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Nature, family and adventure. With these factors and with the vision of creating a world-class tourist destination, the Rizek, Selman Read and Grupo Puntacana business groups have joined together to form the Puntarena project. Your senses will enjoy being in a new dimension, being part of those seven kilometers of paradisiacal beaches of spectacular white sand.

Puntarena has a strong commitment to achieve the ideal place for your permanent or resting residence. Its uniqueness will enhance the jewel of nature that is the south of the country and that, in the eyes of everyone, will be a before and after in what we know as tourist projects.



Located in Baní, Peravia province, Puntarena seeks to be the catalyst for the Tourist Destination of the area. The project is designed to preserve the natural resources and the surrounding landscape, embraced by beaches, dunes and mountains. It is intended that the economic linkages and the demonstration effect that originate in Puntarena, be translated into:

  • The national and international recognition of the Baní area as an attractive tourist destination for investment;
  • The creation of businesses and productive activities that tourism generally stimulates (visits to ecologically attractive areas, aquatic and adventure activities, catering and gastronomy, cultural and historical activity, revaluation of local crafts);
  • Growth of commerce in all its terms, as well as the construction industry.


The property involves 15.5 million square meters with a sea front of seven kilometers long of which five kilometers are white sand beach, very rare in the south of the country.

The orography of the land is rugged, with hills that rise from the coast and reach 200 meters above sea level, separated by dry paths.

The vegetation is desert, predominantly cactus.

Local people say there were plenty of Córbanos trees, hence the name of the area.

Despite the ruggedness of the land, it has a very rich biodiversity, which ranges from the rhinoceros iguana to flamingos on the coast and mangroves of abundant marine life.


According to the development potential, the project has been divided into five stages. The first stage, Bahía Flamenco, has started its development occupying about three million square meters on the first line overlooking the sea, which includes a carefully integrated urban and real estate development consisting of:

  • 172 Single-family residential lots.
  • 600 apartment units with seafront and mountain.
  • 4 Lots for Hotels that will house about 4,400 rooms.
  • 1 Hotel with 110 rooms.
  • Recreational areas; beach club, sports club, restaurants, marina sports, stables and ecological trails, commercial and service areas.
  • Ecological Reserve sponsored by Grupo Puntacana Foundation.

Live within nature and surround yourself in a natural splendor.


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Santo Domingo,
Dominican Republic

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